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New Beginnings!

It was almost twelve years ago when I first arrived in the village of El Vado de San Pedro, in Nayarit, Mexico. Its six cobblestone streets crisscrossed each other like a game of tic tac toe and to this day I can still stroll down them in my mind. The adobe houses on the street furthest to the east gazed out over the placid San Pedro River and the street furthest to the north was overshadowed by "el cero"; which was a cross between a mountain and a hill.

It didn't take long for me to become accustomed to life in El Vado; to the morning breeze which woke me up at daybreak as it parted the lace curtains by my bed and the languid Iguanas that looked down on me from the treetops.  The sight of cowboys herding their cattle across the river always made me smile, and savoring hot "churros" with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning soon became a habit.  There was so much that was charming, but when I looked beneath the surface I saw the needs and I wanted to do something to help, so when I returned to the United States I incorporated a non-profit and named it “Fields of Boaz”.

" Over the years, the arts always played a role."

"Granitos de Arena"
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Our Projects


The teacher actually removed the pages from the books that we sent to Honduras. so that there would be enough of them to go around. This year, we'll send more!


Donations of good reading glasses are something that we're always looking for.  Many of our artisans find it hard to do their beautifully detailed work as they get older.


Inspiring students to use their creativity and talents is always exciting!  We have found that the scholarships we provide really do make a difference in each one of their lives.


Our brothers and sisters in Christ are always in our hearts wherever they may live. It's a privilege to activate the creativity that God has placed in them and share what He has done for us!

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